Vinyl Composite Tile Versus Other Types of Flooring Material

Composite vinyl tile, also known as VCT, is a material preferred by many contractors and builders for floors and walls. If you look at the floors and walls of new or recently refurbished hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories and other commercial and industrial establishments, you will find that most of them use VCT.

Although VCT is popular for commercial and industrial uses, there is no reason not to use this type of home flooring material. Indeed, more and more families in the country are using vinyl tiles as an alternative to traditional flooring materials. To help you decide if vinyl is the best for you, take a look at the comparison between vinyl and other types of flooring materials.

Vinyl composition tiles are popular because they are not only affordable, but they are also tough and durable. The average service life of vinyl tile flooring, especially that of the highest quality, is approximately 15 years. For something that costs $ 2 to $ 5 per square foot, this can really be a good deal.

In addition, the vinyl flooring products sold on the market today can be made to mimic the texture and appearance of most traditional materials. In addition, VCT is available in different colors, designs and styles. Whatever the motive or design of your home, you will certainly find a tile that perfectly suits the appearance of the interior of your home.

It is undoubtedly that wood is stronger and more resistant than vinyl tiles. Even if you buy the more expensive VCT, well-maintained wood will still survive the VCT when it comes to lifespan. In addition, the wooden floor is also elegant and timeless. However, wood is very expensive, at least three times the price of regular vinyl. Wood can also deform or bend due to water damage.

If used for years, you will also see the expansion and contraction of wood materials. With VCT, you won’t have any problems with water damage because this material is moisture resistant. In the event that some areas of the vinyl floor are chipped or damaged, the affected areas can be easily replaced.

Carpet flooring is another preferred type of flooring in the United States. This is also cheap and is available in different designs and colors. However, the carpet is rather difficult to maintain.

With the composite vinyl tile, you won’t have this problem. Cleaning and maintenance of the VCT floor can be very simple and convenient.


by Chris Smitts

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