Wake up call! Healthy Food and Healthy Life

Wake up call! Healthy Food and Healthy Life

We all are aware of the benefits of healthy food, but still, we find junk food more tantalizing and irresistible. We can see many shops near and around our place where we can buy junk foods and not-to-mention they save us from hectic cooking as well. They very much serve the purpose of meeting a light snack time and make us give that feel of a full stomach.

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

Nearby shop

We try our best still our food never tastes that good, like the food offered in the nearby shop and we find it quite convenient to visit the shop and randomly select any food which entices us. Our children also follow this trend and grab more junk food every day. We can’t stop them from eating them until and unless we stop purchasing them our self.

Busy Life

Our busy life has made it more convenient for us to choose this handy available option. A recent study shows that the junk foods, badly affect our health and make us obese. It’s not good to eat junk food. They are rich in potassium and energy. This gives us the feeling of a full stomach and undoubtedly lay down the foundation of all those ailments which arise when we put on weight.

Highly enriched

They are highly enriched with salt and sugar. A burger has approximately 2g of salt, which is equal to 1/3 daily requirement of your body. This will make you feel thirsty and will affect your blood pressure in the years to come and subsequently increases the risk of heart diseases.

Salt affects our health

We don’t know how this salt affects our health. When we eat salt it breaks down into chloride and sodium. It increases blood pressure by holding water in the bloodstreams and eventually the stress increases on the walls of blood vessels. The excessive intake of salt thus leads to hypertension.

Junk foods

Junk foods are rich in salt, sugar and fats. The refreshing cola contains as many calories, which a woman needs in a day. It’s equivalent to 1/3 of her daily calorie requirement. High-calorie diet results in insulin resistance and set the background for type 2 diabetes. People eating at fast food restaurants tend to gain more weight.

Food corner

Next time when you want to eat at a fast food corner just calculates the time of reaching that place than ordering it and finally getting it. You won’t believe it’s more than the time you need to cook food at home. The importance of home cooked food cannot be ignored. Moreover, the money you spend on this junk food is actually more than the money which you need to cook at home. Certainly, you want to take a break from your daily cooking, and then occasionally you can eat fast food, but consider the calorie intake and neutralize it with your everyday meal.

Multiple fast food outlets

With multiple fast food outlets scattered near us and tantalizing us with mouth-watering eatable’s variety has forced us to change our lifestyle. We go out with our family and enjoy food and unknowingly invite many diseases. A regular eating habit at the dinner table with family fixes a bond of togetherness between them. A relaxed and comfortable dinner with the family is always better than that hectic and noisy fast food centre.

Eat junk food

Last but by no means least you can eat junk food once a while and it would be better if you can add a healthy option to it. Try to eat brown bread instead of premium bread. Eat fast food, which belongs to the form of raw or cooked less like, have salads, which are prepared with less oil.

Eat less sugar otherwise; you will unnecessarily give way to fats to accumulate in your body and thus inviting many health problems.

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