Why Do Wealthy People Choose to Go to Florida?

Why Do Wealthy People Choose to Go to Florida?

Whenever you talk to somebody who has moved elsewhere to retire or is lucky enough to have a vacation home in another part of the country, the destination seems to always back to the state of Florida. Despite all of the negative happenings that have made the news in the last several years that just so happened to take place in Florida, people still have a strong pull to the land.

Wealthy People Florida

17.3 percent of Florida’s population is comprised of people who are at least 65 years old. Furthermore, many people who have second homes choose to buy in Florida. If a person doesn’t retire there or they don’t choose to buy their vacation home within the state’s borders, it’s a prime place to house a yacht and enjoy the summers out on the emerald blue water.

So what exactly is it about the sunshine state that makes wealthy people want to spend their time there? Let’s start with the obvious:

The Sun

Wealthy People Florida

Seeing as Florida is known as the sunshine state, one can only assume that the reason that people with money choose to go there is because of the sun. Florida on average has about 250 days of sunshine. That’s more than many other places can boast besides maybe California,  Arizona or the more desert states. The inland states that boast hot weather aren’t as appealing because they don’t have the one thing that Florida has more of than most any other state.

The Coast

Florida Coast

A huge reason wealthy people go to Florida is because it has more coastline than any other state besides Alaska, and nobody is going to Alaska to enjoy the coast to get a suntan. Florida has 1,350 miles of pure coast and the water in the Gulf of Mexico is known to be some of the most beautiful water in the world. It’s turquoise blue and places like Daytona beach on the Atlantic side of the state are known for having great waves for surfing.

When you have money to spend, you can get anywhere easily, and you’re looking for a good time, you head to the places that have water and sun, among other things.

Disney World

Florida Disney

Though Disney World is a draw for everybody to come to Florida, for the wealthy people who can afford to go to Disney any time they want, it’s a huge reason to buy a vacation property right in Orlando, or close to. Families love it, but let’s be real…even adults love Disney. When you combine sun, coastline and Disney, it’s the perfect reason so many wealthy people flock to Florida for a good time. Obviously the reasons don’t end there, but they’re reason enough.

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