Wearing Blue Makeup the Right Way

Wearing Blue Makeup the Right Way

Blue is a popular color for eyelid and eyeshadow makeup. But blue makeup can also be tough to wear if you’re not careful. You want to make your eyes stand out, but you don’t want to look gaudy, or like you came out of the 1980s.

There are a few things you should do if you want to wear blue makeup. You’ll enjoy how well your face looks when you plan your blue makeup well. The color is different from what you might expect, so you have to watch well for what you’re using when finding something of value.

Wearing Blue Makeup
Wearing Blue Makeup

Brightness Wakes Anything Up

You might need to use brighter blue makeup if your eyes look tired or worn. While you might not be like that, your eyes could look weary if they appear too dark. A brighter blue tone is best to make the eyes wake up.

The blue color doesn’t have to be too intense if you have less of a need to accentuate anything. The point works for people of all skin tones, so you should enjoy a fine look if you plan it well enough.

Include Black Accents

Black mascara is great to have when wearing blue makeup. A black accent goes well with blue makeup to produce a border. Black also helps make the eyelashes look a little more distinct and visible.

You can also use the black tones on the lower lashes to add a small bit of volume. You don’t have to apply on both the upper and lower lashes, although it helps to have a better arrangement all around.

Work Alongside Your Eye Color

Take a look at how well your blue makeup looks when you get something that goes well with your eye color. The eyeshadow you wear shouldn’t match up with your eye color.

For those with blue eyes, a darker blue tone works. A teal-toned blue is ideal for green eyes. A brighter accent is best for hazel eyes.

Those who have brown eyes can use any color tone they wish. A darker denim tone is ideal.

Review the Intensity of the Blue Tone

You can use one of many blue accents on your eyes. But the specific one you apply has to look brilliant enough to wear anywhere. A lighter blue color is best if you want a mild tone, but a navy blue color is even better if you have a darker spot that you wish to accentuate.

Can It Work With Other Things?

You can use your blue makeup with other blue accents if you wish. You can apply a blue nail color, or you can apply a slight blue tone to your eyebrows. Don’t forget to look for blue jewelry that you can wear. The goal is to plan something that adds a thorough look.

Blue makeup is useful, but you should know how you’re going to use it. Be sure you look at how you’re applying blue makeup, and that you have an idea of where you’ll go with it. You have to figure out what is suitable when finding something you will appreciate.

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