Weathering the storm with Voltas All Weather Smart AC !!

Voltas AC Weathering the storm with Voltas All Weather Smart AC !!

Voltas AC: Air conditioning used to be a luxury earlier, but now the modernised society has become thoroughly air-conditioning reliant. As the heat and humidity begin to overwhelm us, we wonder how we’d survive without air conditioning? And let me tell you, as much as it’s convenient to turn on the AC. As soon as the temperature makes us uncomfortable, by doing so could be harmful to more than just our wallet.

Voltas AC

Since air conditioning is everywhere now; in our homes, cars and offices. It’s important to maintain clean units to protect indoor air quality and personal well-being. Having said that, I purchased Voltas (2 Ton) “5 Star 245 DY All Weather Smart AC last year. I am happy to announce, that one right decision, as me completely protected from the scorching heat of New Delhi, and polluted outdoor environment.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath!

It is not uncommon for excessive levels of humidity exacerbate the already uncomfortable conditions when summer gets underway. This is the time when everyone should consider dehumidifying their home, to achieve ideal humidity levels.

My AC’s Dehumidification mode ensures comfortable indoor conditions even at peak thickness, while my AC’s Super dust guard ensures that the quality of air circulated within the room is clean and fresh by eliminating harmful gas and odours, especially in dusty conditions. Not just that, its smart sense skill senses the outside temperature and recommends me the best mode to run the AC in my environment.

That ultimate relaxation; that mountain feeling, when you are at the top of a hill, and all you get to consume is clean, fresh air. Yes! It’s the same feeling I get when I close my eyes and enjoy the perfect cooling of my AC after a long day from work. Although what makes my interesting Air-Conditioner otherwise is, that it’s loaded with new generation technological advancements.

The Voltas Smart Remote APP

Smart phones were first conceptualised in 1974, although they were offered for sale in 1993. Who must have thought that in another 41 years, the human race will be able to control most of their daily activities on a small electronic device! And who must have thought, that the smart phone could be used as a remote, to control another electronic device?

Voltas did! What makes ‘Voltas All Weather AC’ Smart, is the Smart Remote App that has inbuilt features like Smart Sense, Smart Tips, Power Calculator. The smart ‘Voltas Remote App’ can be accessed, by just downloading it on your Smart Phone. This smart remote, with an intelligent android based mobile application, offers direct AC control with a handset and smart sense technology, which can detect the ambient temperature and therefore recommend the best suitable settings. The Voltas ‘Smart Remote App’, designed to control Voltas Air Conditioners, comes with the following key features:

  1. Smart Sense: It reads the weather outside & recommends the best mode of operation (provided the phone has temperature & humidity sensors).
  2. Smart Tips: It helps consumer explore the different features of an AC, & the benefits one can derive out of them.
  3. Power Usage: It helps the customer estimate their electricity bill, & set a threshold for energy consumption, by rightly utilising the power calculator.
  4. The app works on smartphones with Android KitKat 4.4 & any Operating System which has an infrared port.
New Voltas All Weather App
New Voltas All Weather App

Still wondering WHAT’S NEW

Voltas has come up with a brand New user interface, has an updated Smart mode or as you may call it, the “virtual intelligible mode”, and it offers timely alerts on power consumption, change in temperature, humidity, etc..proactively bracing for extreme weather. Isn’t that ultra cool? So that’s one way to turn your house into a smart home.


Additionally, Voltas’s new powerful range of ‘All Weather Smart AC’s”, is equipped to deal with peak summers and chilling winters, along with high humidity levels. You read that right! Voltas brought in this range, (especially customised) for varied climatic conditions across India. And It is uniquely different as compared to other competitive brands. Because of its latest technological adaptation which enables the AC to keep you comfortable all year round. Yes! Whatever the weather outside, Voltas All Weather Smart AC ensures your comfort inside.

Save More and Sleep Well!

Another way of achieving comfort is by enjoying the quiet mode of an Air-Conditioner that makes less or no sound. As a homeowner, I tend to recognise the sounds, which mean the components of my home are running smoothly. The clanking of ice in the ice-maker, the ticking of a clock, and the hum of an air conditioner, for example. So when something begins to make an unusual sound, it’s an alarming feeling. My previous air conditioner had started to perform loudly and made a noise I was not used to hearing. Luckily after I replaced it with my All-Weather Smart AC, not only do I get sound sleep but I have also been getting better dreams. Furthermore, with Voltas All-Weather AC’s Smart Inverter Technology that saves up to 63% power, I don’t think twice before switching on my AC these days.


Why did I opt for Voltas?

The air conditioner is comfortable in the pocket and is much economical as compared to other brands in the market today. along with a 24/7 helpline interface for added convenience. Also, it’s a deeply trusted name and a proud recipient of the ‘National Energy Conservation Award‘ in the air conditioner category. In recognition of the highest contribution of the energy-efficient ACS. Moreover, Voltas is associated with some of the famous projects worldwide like; HongKong Airport, Emirates Mall, Emirates Palace Hotel (Abu Dhabi), Burj Khalifa, F1 track (Abu Dhabi), Queen Mary II, Hyderabad Airport, and 9 of the 15 CWG Stadiums. So much for imagination, and yet I am proud to have the same brand at home, comfortably weathering the ‘virtual’ storm, here and there!


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