Wedding dress design trends for 2017

Wedding dress design trends for 2017

Dress Design Trends: One of the big reasons for attending some of the big bridal wear fashion shows is to get a good idea. The idea of where bridal gown fashions are heading and things are looking very good for 2017.

These fashion shows offer everything from non-traditional wedding dresses and everything in-between to the classic bridal look.

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Interesting trends

For brides looking for ‘The One’ that will make them look spectacular on their big day. There are some interesting trends that will become apparent in 2017. And this is a quick guide to some of them.

Many wedding dress designers appear to be re-embracing the off-the-shoulder silhouette. That helps a bride appear glamorous and laid-back and it’s also a tasteful way of showing skin too.

It also appears that plunging necklines will also become popular. Particularly with the revealing neckline making a bride look sexy and attractive. Mind you, many brides will also need to invest in a nice stylish necklace. Stylish necklace to go with this style of dress. Not that many brides-to-be will complain!

Summer weddings

For summer weddings, some designers are also adding caped tops to their creations that will help offset the chill during the evening’s celebrations and also adds glamour and modesty to the wedding ceremony itself.

Some people who like this particular trend say it also adds some drama to the bridal gown too. Though others are pointing to the big new trend being tiers. Which certainly add a dramatic look.

Wedding collections

For those brides who really do want to be daring and be radically different, then they could opt for the growing range of bridal trousers which appear in more wedding collections. The trousers are not just a glam alternative but also chic too.

For those who like the more traditional bridal dress, the embroidery, and floral appliques are also going to be popular to help create pretty wedding dresses. These additions also add whimsy and romance to what is a romantic day for the bride.

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Designer wedding dresses

Finally, it appears that the wedding dress trends for 2017 will incorporate more neck frills which is a classy look which brings a touch of intrigue to a silhouette – and it means the bride doesn’t need to have a plunging neckline to appear trendsetting and daring.

Essentially, many of these new styles for designer wedding dresses will be appearing in bridal boutiques from the spring and will be turning heads for summer weddings around the UK.

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