Weekend Destination Delhi: Haridwar, Rishi Kesh and Mussoorie

Weekend Destination Delhi: Haridwar, Rishi Kesh, and Mussoorie

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Visit One of Three Great Cities Just North of Delhi

Weekend Destination Delhi: The cities of Haridwar, Rishi Kesh and Mussoorie are all located just north of Delhi. They are places that are important to many people in these regions. They are places that focus on many religious functions and other activities. Be sure to take a look at these spots as you are looking for an entertaining place to visit in India on the weekend.

Weekend Destination Delhi Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussorie

Taking a high weekend holiday from Delhi is always fun to do. There are so many things to explore all around India that deserve to be noticed. Check out a few of the more popular places that you can visit while heading out from Delhi. These focus heavily on different activities with many of these spots having a significant amount of importance to people who live in the region.

Understanding the Places

Haridwar, Rishi Kesh, and Missouri are all places that can be found in Uttarakhand. This is right on the border within the Chinese state of Tibet. Although the region has dealt with some struggles relating to who owns specific areas of the land, it has proven itself to be a beautiful site to visit while in India. The state is right along the ends of the Himalayas although it is also not too far off from the Ganges, one of the most important bodies of water in the entire country.

Let’s take a closer look at three valuable places that are worth visiting the next time you are looking for a weekend holiday from Delhi. All three of these areas are located in the state of Uttarakhand:

City Distance From Delhi Key Features Importance
Haridwar 208 km Right along the foothills of the Ganges Home to where the planet is believed to have been created
Rishi Kesh 228 km Important religious places including many spots for yoga A vital spiritual center of India
Mussori 280 km Various mountain ranges and hills A spot where many Tibetans have settled in for protection

All of these attractive places are important to see. Here are a few of the more detailed points to not about all three of these spaces in India.


Haridwar is the first place to check out. Located in Uttarakhand, it is a critical Hindu pilgrimage site. It is where the Ganges exits the Himalayan foothills. At this point, the river moves down the hills and into the plains.

Haridwar weekend destination from Delhi

Important Religious Festivals

Haridwar is essential for being home to many important religious festivals. These include the Purna Kumbh Mela, a festival that is held every twelve years. It is a time when Hindus bathe in the holy water of the Ganges. It is a massive event that brings nearly 70 million people every time it is held. The fact is held as a means of having people wash their sins away in peace.

Many other festivals are held here on occasion in honor of many others of the Hindu faith. The Urs festival is one such example that is held here every year. Yours is an event that celebrates the lives of saints who have passed on.

Enjoy the Ganges

The Ganges is the most prominent feature in Haridwar to see. The Ganges is a beautiful space that is so clean that people could swim in the water. This is different from what it is like as the river moves a little further down south into the rest of the country. People can enjoy rafting their way along the Ganges although it can be somewhat busy in some situations.

Things To See

There are many things that people can see when they are in Haridwar:

  • Har-ki-Pauri is a site where many gather to bathe in the Ganges. It is believed to be an area where a drop of nectar once fell that prompted the creation of the world.
  • Mansa Devi Mandir is a location on a hill near the central part of town. It is where many people go to get unobstructed views of the entire region. The area is accessible by cable car and offers some of the clearest pictures people will get around the whole region.
  • The Bharat Mata Mandir is a temple located about 5 km north of the center of the town. It has seven floors of space devoted to many deities and saints of the Hindu faith. The temple was built in honor of Mother India.
  • The Rajaji National Park is a park that spans more than 800 square kilometers of space. It is a large national park that is home to a few tiger reserves. This park is located at the northern end of the park.
  • Take a drink from the Bhimgoda Tank not too far from the city center. It is believed that the prince Bhima first drew water from this natural site when he thrust his knee into the ground, thus causing water to come out from the rocks.

Haridwar has become a significant site for many religious activities. It is essential to see how the city means everything to people in the region.

Rishi Kesh

Go not too far off from the foothills of the Ganges in Uttarakhand to the city of Rishi Kesh. This is an essential site for religious belief as it is where yoga is practiced by many.

Rishikesh weekend destination from Delhi

The region is famous for being a beautiful space that is attractive and worth visiting. The area is vital to being a popular site where people can relax along some of the secret beaches in the region.

Home to An Important Religious Figure

Rishi Kesh particularly became famous as the home of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a prominent guru who developed transcendental meditation. His work was believed to be relevant to those who wanted to create peace and to reach one’s inner being. It was so prominent that many people from the West would visit him, most notably the music groups the Beatles and the Beach Boys. The Yogi’s old ashram that the Beatles once visited has become a trendy place to visit with many murals and paintings listed all around the entire ashram.

Visit Swarg Ashram

Go around Swarg Ashram while in the region. The location is prominent for being a vital center for meditation and yoga. It is a relaxing part of the city that is noted for being peaceful and is a place for everyone who wants to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

People who do come out to Swarg Ashram would have to be careful though. While there is no traffic around this part of Rishi Kesh, alcohol and meat are both prohibited from being consumed while in the region.

Other Places of Note

There are many additional places around Rishi Kesh worth visiting:

  • Travel along the Ram Jhula suspension bridge that moves over the river. The bridge is famous for having some of the most beautiful views of the river.
  • The Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is an integral part of the region to visit. This is a temple about 30 km south of the city center. The temple is dedicated to Nilhanth and is distinct from its colorful body that stands out from all the other features around the region.
  • The Gita Chawan is a riverfront ashram that has a temple and houses for devotees. It also has a massive banyan tree and numerous retail shops all around.
  • The Daksheswara Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is on one of the smaller banks of the Ganges and is distinct from its pointed temple space. The temple has been critical to the region for more than two hundred years.

Rishi Kesh is an entertaining site that is appealing for those who are looking to get a little closer to the Hindu faith. The region is noteworthy for having many beautiful sights and scenes that people are bound to love.


Another great place to visit while you are vacationing from India is Mussoorie. This is also in Uttarakhand and is around 35 km from Dehradun. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas. As you visit the area, you will see some appealing places all around with many spots of the mountain range being easily visible in the background.

Mussoorie weekend destination from Delhi

The fascinating scenes around Mussoorie make it a distinct place to visit. The green hills of Mussoorie contrast well with many of the snow-capped mountains you will see in the backdrop.

The area is also important as a haven for those who are minorities. These include Christians who have settled into the region to help those who are less fortunate. Many people from Tibet have also settled into the area as a means of getting protection from Chinese forces. This comes amid the ongoing struggles between the people of Tibet and China regarding who has control over certain land spaces in the region.

Travel the Camel’s Back

Visit the Camel’s Back Road while visiting Mussori. This is a large nature walk which features a cemetery midway through its loop. It is also home to Gun Hill, a tall hill where a cannon was once used to signal the middle part of the day to the community.

Many Sights to See

Take a look at various attractive sights around the city:

  • Kempty Falls is a vibrant land space that features many waterfalls that branch off and move in many directions. The waterfalls are particularly vast and include some of the most beautiful sights around.
  • Happy Valley is a critical region which is home to a small Tibetan temple. It is believed to be the first such temple to have been built in India. Thousands of Tibetan refugees live in the region as they have settled in India to avoid strife in their old homes.
  • The house of Sir George Everest, or at least its remains are located here. The house is a place where an old laboratory from the nineteenth century could be found in. The area has become popular for being an observatory site where people can notice many great spots around the local area.
  • The Soham Heritage and Art Center is a museum that highlights Himalayan culture. It features many artifacts and art pieces from people from around the region.

A Christian Outpost

Visit some of the intriguing places in the region that are devoted to the Christian faith. Many people of the faith from outside the country have settled in the area as a means of serving those who are less fortunate. A Christian hospital and school have been established as well as a great covenant. The Woodstock School is an especially vital place as it offers Indian Christian minority children the educational services they are looking.

A Few Key Tips

There are some important points to note when traveling to any of these spots while en route from Delhi. These are vital as some exciting marks can be seen in these areas:

  • Look for rail services that can get you to some of these spots. It might be easier to travel by rail.
  • Look for walking paths or biking trails in some of these regions. A few parts of the cities are somewhat remote and cannot be easily reached with traditional vehicles.
  • Watch for the rainfall in the summer season. The likelihood of rains in the summer is much higher than it is during other times of the year.
  • Watch for any con artists that might be around some of the more religious places around these areas. Many people who visit some sacred spots are asked to deposit a small amount of money as a tithe to the sites they visit. Make sure anyone that asks you for money is devoted to the places and is collecting money for specific causes. You have the right to refuse anyone who is not associated with such situations, but those who do represent the places are people that you must deposit your money to.
  • Be respectful of any temple you enter into. Always follow the proper rules of a temple so you will not be isolated and chased off of space.

Enjoy Your Trip

As you travel to one of these three high spots just outside Delhi, you will find many great experiences. Some of them involve significant temples while others are appealing spots that feature moving bodies of water and hills. Look around these spots to find high places that you will enjoy visiting.

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