Weight loss tips : Avoid these blunders

Weight loss tips : Avoid these blunders

weight loss tipsIn an effort to reduce our weight we make common mistakes. Despite of our continuous and hard workouts we are not able to reduce our weight. It’s because we make following 5 mistakes which unknowingly don’t let our weight to come down. Though thyroid, stress, and drugs are few causes which don’t let us shed extra pounds. Besides these, check out these common slip-ups.

  • No time for breakfast. Sometimes we skip our breakfast and then when we feel hungry we eat anything. This gives us the satisfaction of eating less, whereas in other words we consume more calories. We jump into the first available food. Its matter of calories count and not the food we eat. No wonder our health plan starts with skipping the breakfast. This is wrong. They say that eat your breakfast like a king. In other words include all healthy options in your breakfast. Like nuts, juices, milk products etc. avoid fried food in the breakfast. Breakfast should enrich with proteins which will convert your extra fat into muscles. Protein will keep your stomach full for longer duration.


  • Party time– whenever its party time we often take liberty of eating everything and anything. The maximum dishes of our choice which we eat fuel yourself with the thoughts like parties are rare. But it derails our fitness track. At parties, we tend to eat and drink more. It’s better to eat something at home and then go to the party. Eat some protein enriched food that will curb your hunger and always opt for roasted food or seasonal vegetables.


  • Sweet tooth– sweets are the biggest enemies of fitness, but still we can’t give them up and can’t resist them. They tantalize us with those mouth watering varieties. Calorie counts in the sweet dishes are too many. They are even harmful for the body. If you wish to eat something after food in sweets then, go for an apple dipped in chocolate, raisins or fruit desserts.


  • Little bit of this won’t be harmful-these are those tempting street foods which entice us to have more. All those street foods like chole-bhature, dosa, gulaab jamun etc. are high in calories. Dosa contains approximately 430-450 calories and a plate of gulaab jamun is equivalent to 385 calories. Even the smallest portion of such food will increase the calorie intake.


  • It’s sugar–free- today diet and sugar free eatables are in fashion. Some peoples consume sugar free instead of natural sugar. This assists them in keeping away from that extra calories but eating sugar free is not good for health in the long run. Items containing sugar free have artificial things in it which when consumed for longer time adversely affects our health. Curtail sugar in your diet. Not only sugar stay away from white things like Maida, sugar, rice and salt.

Body accumulates fats at different places and so the ailments are according to their places of accumulation. For example, if more fat is deposited in the stomach than the risk of heart diseases increases. And if in case there is more weight on the hips and thighs then there are less chances of diseases.

Fat is always not that bad. Our body needs fat to remain energized. Women should have 10% fats and if it increases more than 32% think it’s the indication of being obese. Whereas, in males the necessary fat is 2 % and more than 24 % falls in the category of being obese.

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