What actually Fitness means for Indian Women

What actually Fitness means for Indian Women

What fitness actually means.


You may have often used the word fitness, but do you know its accurate definition? The term fitness is used to describe health, stamina, strength and vigor. Each of these qualities can be diminished from the body if proper care is not taken. To stay fit, you will be staying active. A low level of fitness may make you prone to cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many more. A person with great fitness level tends to live longer and they even possess more endurance. Things seem easy to do to such people.

Perspective of Indian women regarding fitness

The Indian society has always depressed women from such activities. Generally, Indian women have developed a psychology that they can’t stay fit owing to the busy schedules of their life. Women in India think that to stay fit they need to train like Akshay Kumar! But that’s not the scenario. People think that they have to eat tasteless food to stay fit, which again is wrong. Fitness is the best outcome if you enjoy your daily routines. Sorry to say, but Indian women mostly end up with excuses when it comes to fitness. I absolutely admit that they have to wake up and make their children Tiffin, have to do all other works in their house. And sometimes many of them are not housewives, they need to go for jobs, but again staying fit is as important as breathing.

As a woman, everyone wants to lose weight, look attractive, fade away all signs of old body, improves elasticity of muscles and most significantly wants to look good enough to have a compliment from other women. Before you opt for any fitness plan, remember this point. Either the result will be the “desired you” or they will be excuses. Determination is what will lead you to success. Before you start with your program make sure, your determination is enough to motivate you else you will come up with dumb excuses. You have to grab some time out of your busy schedule, the same way you devote time to your family. You need to take care of yourself. Fitness is not just losing weight, but in a long run will also protect you from a large number of diseases.

How to start your fitness program.

They first step taken in the way of fitness is to stay motivated. I am pretty sure; you won’t be able to lose 10 kgs in a month. Hence will many of you end up the plan thinking you worked so hard and got nothing? Out of you, who are overweight, may not have gained weight overnight. So it will not shred in such a short period of time. Persistent and continuous training will help you for sure. You may get motivation by a number of means. You may listen to music, think of that compliment that you want to hear, you may buy that costume or clothing which doesn’t fits you now, but will surely fit you in sometime. You may half prepare your children morning breakfast so you can get time to exercise in early morning. You may ask all your women kitty members, to join you in a fitness regime, this will surely encourage everyone and you will have fun too.  You can join some yoga club or aerobics; they are the most preferable activities among you all. You may also think of joining a gym as well. You may perform yoga and some activities like meditation and surya namaskar for your well being. These are the most time saving activities as you can perform them at home itself.

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Things to take note of

  • When you start your fitness regime, make sure to record your goals and current body statistics. Measure your body weight and other dimensions.
  • Fix your aims and goals yourself. For instance, a woman can aim to reduce 3 Kgs in a month etc. You may aim to increase you stamina or make your muscle enough resistive against muscular pains.
  • You should start your fitness program with a less amount of exercises. Too much of something suddenly may result in pain. You have to increase the duration and intensity months by months or week by week if you want.
  • You can keep a good trainer if you want. If you want to lose weight or inches from your tummy, you need to focus on cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises include all exercises like running, jogging, jumping, skipping etc.
  • You may positively add a game into your prepared regime. Most probably you can play badminton with you neighbor. This will make sure your regime is fun filled.
  • You will need to avoid any kind of stress. So meditation in the mornings can be of great use. Always limit your exercises up to 45 minutes. You have to take serious steps in your daily life too.


Changes to be made in normal life routine


  • Avoid using elevators. Always use stair case if you are under 40 and do not have heart problems. This will not only burn extra calories daily but will always keep your joints lubricated and strong.
  • Walk small distances instead of riding on scooters or taking auto rickshaw. Walking is the simplest and most important exercise to make you fit.
  • If you are a housewife tell your servant to quit and start cleaning the surrounding by yourself. This will promote you to work every day.
  • Start sleeping timely at nights. And undisturbed and sound sleep is too important to stay fit.

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A diet plan for you


To stay fit you have to eat accordingly. Take a diary and note down your calorie consumption in a day. You should be eating about 40 to 50 grams of protein a day. Always track your calcium intake. If you can feel some pain in your bones, try to sit in sunlight before 10 AM in the morning as it provides vitamin D. Drink 2 glasses of mink everyday and try to cut on your calorie consumption if you don’t expend them. Reduce your fat intake, but never say a complete NO. Fats are very significant for lubrication of joints. Keep an eye on your carbohydrates intake.  Try not to have rice or wheat after 7 PM in the evening if you want to lose belly fat. Try to switch to brown bread instead of white bread. Drink lots of water whole day. Try to take lemon tea. This will surely make you fit and reduce your weight.


  • You breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day.
  • Try to eat in small amount and in frequent meals instead of 3 big meals in a day.
  • You should be doing 25 minutes of cardio every day. Stretching is also a very useful exercise.
  • Prefer brown rice over simple rice. Instead of eating chapattis, eat vegetable salads and have a number fruits. But do not commit the mistake of getting over motivated and start eating only popcorns! Food is fuel for body. No fuel, no energy in body.
  • Eat all naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in form of fruits. Try not to opt for consuming pills. Instead always opt for fruits. Eat a number of fruits daily.
  • You have to be active the whole day instead of being lethargic.
  • Your food will make up 70 percent of your results. Preferably never cheat on them. Rather than grasping junk foods, try some healthy dishes that are cheap too. Never trust this notion that healthy foods can’t be tasty. Healthy body and extreme fitness is the best taste you may ever get.


The end note


“You don’t get you wish for, you get what you work for”. To fulfill your dreams you have to work for them. You have to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle and be a canny woman. You need to have self confidence that you too can possess a figure like Deepika Padukone, as she too is also an “Indian Women”. Remember, that every minute you spend in any type of exercise will yield you some good results.  It may be anything, your husband or family, you need to take care of your fitness. This will not only ensure you of a longer life but will make you happy and stress free. It is not necessary to be happy to stay fit but you will be always happy if you will be fit. Time to leave this lazy woman attitude, it’s time to be strong and bold enough to face any level of fitness. You can be what you think of yourself and some day you will be happy you took my advice. Waste no time in starting a training regime, I bet it’s not a big deal. Women out there in other parts of world are far fit than you all. I wish you do not lag behind the others in any respect. Stay strong and motivated and you will surely achieve which you won’t believe could ever happen to you. Just remember this article, and you may achieve what you dream of.

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