What Causes Belly Button Piercing Infection?

What Causes Belly Button Piercing Infection?

Infected belly button piercings are very common among people who ignore the health of their skin. The problem with having an infected belly button is that it is tough to clean and maintain. As a result, people who have engaged in regular body piercing have been susceptible to infections. Belly button piercing comes with a high risk, as they are tough to maintain. Common symptoms of infection include inflammation, soreness, pain, redness, itching, and swelling.

Having an Infected Belly Button Piercings:

If you notice any of these signs or if you actually suffer from an infection, it is advised to treat the wound immediately. When the wound heals over, there is a high chance that an infection will set in again. As such, treating an infection early is very important. To prevent infections from occurring or make sure that an infection does not come back, it is important to follow proper hygiene.

Belly Button Piercing Infection
Belly Button Piercing Infection

Following simple tips can help you heal properly and infection-free:


It is important to wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Washing the wound regularly will ensure that bacteria are not present. If you want to know how to heal within 6 days, it is highly recommended that you clean your navel area with warm water and saltwater. Once you have washed the wound properly, you can use topical antiseptic cream to clean and close the wound.


Another tip on how to heal within 6 days is exfoliating the wound. You can do this by using a special body brush or a self-exfoliating scrub at home. This is extremely helpful to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent scarring from occurring. When you exfoliate, make sure that you dry the wound completely and let it air-dry. Once it dries completely, you can apply anti-bacterial ointment to the wound.

Regular Cleaning:

To avoid having an infection, it is advisable to clean your belly button piercings regularly. However, if you have a new piercing and you have not had it for long, it may take more time to remove germs from it. You can either use antibacterial wipes to clean your piercing or dip it in rubbing alcohol. You may need to rub heavily to dislodge any bacteria or germs from the wound.


If you see us coming out of your belly button, then it may cause discomfort. But if you do not feel any discomfort, then you probably did not hurt yourself. You should be careful, though, because wounds sometimes will still bleed when they are first healing. Bleeding can be a sign that an infection is developing. You need to consult a doctor if you see any visible bleeding from your belly button.

Use of Natural antibacterial:

You can also try using natural ingredients like tea tree oil to eliminate bacteria or germs that may cause infection. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that can help eliminate bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, which is one of the causes of bile leakage. It has been found that tea tree oil can also kill the bacteria responsible for tonsillitis. This is a condition that causes white deposits in the pockets of the tonsils. These deposits cause bad breath and can also be the cause of an infection.

Try soaking in a saltwater solution for 3 days. This will help to drain the excess fluid that is present in the healing process. This salt-water solution can be applied to your navel area for about a week. This saltwater solution will help reduce swelling and inflammation, which are usually caused by bacteria and germs. It will also help to make your belly button piercings heal faster.

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