What Freedom Debt Relief Customers Say

What Freedom Debt Relief Customers Say

If you are struggling with high debts from credit cards, personal loans, private student loans, medical bills, and other types of unsecured debts, Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) offers a potential solution.

As one of the largest debt relief companies in the USA, Freedom Debt Relief has helped thousands of overwhelmed consumers in settling their debt for less than what is owed.

Freedom Debt Relief Customers
Freedom Debt Relief Customers

Every day, happy and satisfied clients leave their testimonials and reviews about their positive experiences with the company on leading review sites such as TrustPilot and ConsumerAffairs.com.

Here’s what Freedom Debt Relief customers say about working with the company.

Reviews from TrustPilot

Freedom Debt Relief enjoys an impressive 4.6 out of five stars on TrustPilot based on over 35,000 customer reviews.

Here is what the customers had to say about FDR solutions:

John R gave the company five stars for exemplary customer service that went beyond excellence. John reveals he received prompt answers to his questions and was particularly happy with helpful advice provided by the polite and knowledgeable staff.

He says he never regrets joining the FDR program and will always be at the forefront recommending it for others.

Linda Nay also gave the company five stars and expressed her gratitude for how FDR helped her escape those disturbing phone calls from creditors. After seeking FDR’s help, she says her creditors have stopped phone calls and threats. She also says some of her creditors have opted to settle for less money than owed.

Rhonda Lucas praises Freedom Debt Relief for sticking to the terms of the agreements. She says ever since joining the program, she has never encountered any problem with the company. She admits the company has gone an extra mile in getting her debts lowered and paid off. She gave the company five stars for their superb services.

TONI says FDR always listens to customer concerns and would go the extra mile to customize the payment terms depending on a customer’s needs. He says he was under a lot of stress because his bank would always take out his social security money the moment it entered his account. This meant his deposit for FDR payment would bounce. After calling Freedom Debt Relief, he says a lady named Angie calmed him down and changed the date for the FDR deposit.

Gregory Bates has been a customer with FDR since 2019. In just three years, he says, almost all his debts are resolved. As of 2021, he only has one more debt to resolve. He advises on the importance of making deposits on time.

As you can see, according to Freedom Debt Relief reviews on TrustPilot, the company is a premier debt solution provider when consumers are faced with pressing financial issues.

Reviews from ConsumerAffairs.com

FDR enjoys 4.5/5 stars on the site based on 3699 customer reviews.

Deborah of San Francisco is grateful to the staff of FDR for their excellent customer service. She says she has walked a positive path with the company in finding a lasting solution for her debt problems. She can now look back and be proud of what she has accomplished in her life in the last few years with FDR. She terms her decision to seek help from the company as the best in her life.

Erin of Louisville, KY enrolled in the FDR program together with her husband in May 2018. At the time, they had nearly $111,000 in debt from two mortgage payments and previous alimonies. She reveals FDR helped save them from sinking further into the mountains of debts.

Adria of Waldorf, MD used the FDR program twice and was satisfied by the services offered by the company. In 2010, he was looking for a reliable debt relief solution, and FDR came through just fine. Faced with a similar situation in 2020, he decided to approach the company once again.

Rebecca of Somerton, AZ had over $30 000 in debts that were quickly rising. She was running a business, and an unfortunate event hit her operations, forcing her to plunge into an endless debt hole. She didn’t want to claim bankruptcy, so she started looking for different programs on the Internet. She came across FDR, and her debt problems were solved effectively.

Final Thoughts

The company has helped resolve over $10 billion in debt since its inception in 2002. Its certified debts consultants help customers negotiate and settle debts amicably. It also provides an interactive client dashboard, which lets you track your progress in real-time.

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