What Is Ace Cash Express, and Why Is It Hurting Your Credit Score?

Let’s face it, owing someone money and being bankrupt is something that no one would want to experience. What other choice do you have if your salary can’t provide for your needs and there is no other choice but to borrow money? Don’t fret, as there is no harm in borrowing money.

If you’re close to finishing your safety funds, don’t worry, as there are numerous lenders available to assist you with your financial problems. With borrowing money comes the responsibility of paying the money you borrowed. If these payments are past the length of period, you were supposed to pay, and then it can hurt your credit scores.

Ace Cash Express
Ace Cash Express

What are credit scores? It is a number between 300 to 850 that determines your creditworthiness as a consumer. The higher your credit profile, the better reputation a borrower has to potential lenders. Your credit history is based on several criteria, like the number of open accounts, repayment history, total debt levels, and other factors.

What is Ace Cash Express?

Founded in 1968, Ace Cash Express is a provider of retail financial services in the United States. In the United States, this company is the largest owner, operator, and franchiser of check-cashing stores. It offers financial services like check-cashing and other retail services. Ace Cash Express are proud of their competitive and clean rates. To learn more about Ace Cash Express and how to remove their name from your credit report, Click Here.

Is There a Way to Check if I Have an Ace Cash Express Debt in My Account?

Scan your credit report, confirm and distinguish any debt information enlisted there first before doing anything else. Generally, your credit report enlists the debt you took for over seven years. The debt collector uses your credit report to evaluate if you can pay the money you borrowed.

Usually, when you have the name Ace Cash Express in your credit report, that means that you owe a debt from them. Additionally, this could hurt your credit scores. However, suppose you were falsely accused of debt. In that case, you should contact them immediately and ask for an explanation why it is in your credit report.

How Do I Handle Ace Cash Express From Hurting My Credit Score?

The criterion to determine if a credit score is good or excellent depends on the credit scoring model. In general, a fair credit profile ranges from 580 to 669. Also, a credit score of 670 to 739 is considered a good credit score. Finally, an excellent credit score is 800 and above. The amount you can loan depends on your credit score.

Debt collection can cause harmful effects on your credit score. You wouldn’t want a score below the fair scale as this can lower your chances in many aspects.

There are a wide array of disadvantages when it comes to having a low credit score. To illustrate, borrowing money, applying for a loan for a vehicle, apply for a mortgage, or merely applying for a credit card account are some of the things that will be hard to obtain. In most cases, when you apply for the loans above, a minimum credit score is asked from applicants.

Another way of handling Ace Cash Express is by writing a forgiveness removal letter. It is often called a goodwill deletion letter. It is a letter where you nicely ask a creditor to remove a negative remark from your credit profile.

Is Going to Jail a Possibility When I Can’t Pay My Debt With Ace Cash Express?

Although lenders threaten their borrowers frequently, it’s not legal. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, threatening to put borrowers in jail for not paying is illegal. The creditor could file a civil lawsuit for them to collect the debt. Once a judgment is made after presenting the wages and bank accounts. You can be a candidate for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy relief is your best option when you can’t repay your debts promptly.

Of course, recheck this information with a lawyer to obtain the full truth. Contacting a lawyer can also give you a clear vision in a legal manner.

How Can I Contact Ace Cash Express?

Before panicking over a message, calm yourself first and then contact them. Contacting the lender helps you clarify if the message was correct or not. Here is a list of different communication modes you can choose, whichever is most comfortable for you.

  • Email Address: customerservice@acecashexpress.com
  • Customer Service Contact Number: 1-877-ACECASH
  • Customer Service Fax Number: 877-582-1426


When borrowing money, ensure that you remember to repay them. The debts you take from lenders can significantly reflect your credit profile, bank history, and overall future. Above are the things you need to know about Ace Cash Express and how you can heal with them to help you. Remember not to panic. Stay calm and be on top of your emotions.

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