What to Expect From Bartending School

Bartending School: When attending bar tending school, a student must learn a wide variety of things in order to become a good bartender. In addition to learning how to make drinks, there are several other areas of bar tending that often go unnoticed.

Of course, there is the art of bar tending itself. This involves learning to recognize as well as ignore the public eye. During bar tending classes, bartending students will learn how to deal with door buzz and sniggers. You also will learn to ignore the normal human tendencies to be courteous and to display a good opinion.

Of course, in order to create a good bartender, you must also learn how to understand different drink recipes and styles of service. Bar tending also requires learning to interact well with the customers, and this can be difficult for some people, particularly those who have not bartending school. However, bartender education can help students overcome this obstacle.

Bartending School
Bartending School

In addition to traditional bar tending classes, you will also need a good understanding of ice, milk, and liquor. And of course, you must learn how to recognize different types of mixing glasses and fancy pumps.

So to summarize, a good bartending program will include:

How long will bar tending classes take?

Depending on the number of bar tending courses you must take, this can last from a few weeks to up to six months. A traditional class will last from several months to two years, but this depends on how quickly you learn and rotate your duties, how many different tasks you have to perform, and how quickly you finish the different tasks.

One of the main problems that bar tending schools have is that they are quite expensive. Can you really start to learn everything that you need to know about bartending, from the basics, to performing before a live audience, for under a $200 bar tending exam?

Well, a number of schools have adapted their programs to be able to fulfill these needs. For example, there are now standard programs that offer beginner-level experience with commonly used bartender styles. Businesses believe that the cheaper the course, the more efficient the overall process will be.

There are also more expensive programs that include multiple courses on the basics of bartending, in addition to learning the skills and tricks of the trade. The more extensive the training, the more complete your knowledge of the whole process will be.

However, you should keep in mind that bar tending school is very expensive. Licensure by the states can costumers as much as $eree thousand dollars. Who has the budget for that?

Another question people have is whether they can conduct free try outs. This is understandable; after all, you would not want your staff to make a mistake that costs you money. However, a recent change in the law has now made it possible for businesses of any size to conduct try outs for their team.

All you need to do is submit a copy of your commercial manager’s application to the school that has it as a prerequisite. It is however a requirement for any program to accept trainees during the actual school year. It is often possible for schools to limit the number of participants to a certain number for any reason. This means that participants can work at the bar during the try out period, but not for long enough to make a difference in the actual program. Schools that are looking for people to participate for long periods of time will have to either hire participants or find sponsors.

Bartending school provides a way for people to learn the required skills to become a good bartender. Also, it provides a way for people to get more experience under their belt working at other places such as bars. In the end, either way, participating in bar tending school will be a deciding factor in whether or not your bartending school fits your budget.

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