What to Know About That Aetna Dental Insurance Plan and Discount Plan

Aetna has developed some great programs to help you save money on your dental care. You may be considering purchasing an Aetna dental insurance plan to help lower some of your dental costs, but there are other options to consider as well.

An insurance policy for your dental care will save you money, but the problem is, there are a lot of procedures that the policy just doesn’t cover. Things like braces, teeth whitening, and deep teeth cleaning are often not covered at all, but you’ll still have to pay that monthly premium. And another problem is that if you end up using all of your dental insurance for that year, you won’t be compensated for any extra work.

I have a few friends who needed more dental care but had already run out of everything the policy covered and therefore couldn’t do all the work they needed. Needless to say, they were very disappointed. Another problem will be that an insurance company like Aetna won’t cover you if you have poor dental health to begin with.

But there is a great little program called Aetna Dental Access. Unlike dental insurance, this is a dental discount plan that covers everyone regardless of dental health, and it only requires an annual fee of around $ 100. Instead of coverage, with these plans, you’ll get big discounts on virtually any dental procedure you can think of.

A single crown at the dentist can cost you up to $ 980. With an affordable dental plan from Aetna, you can get $ 415 off that price and save almost 50% of the cost.

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