Why Is Organic Gardening Becoming So Popular?

One cannot fail to notice the rapid increase in the trend towards organic gardening in the last ten years or so, unless one lived under a rock in that period. It is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as they try to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is organic gardening?

For most people it is the concept of gardening without the use of chemicals. However, this depends on your definition of chemicals and how you are applying it in this situation. Personally I prefer to say that it is a way of gardening without the use of “artificial” chemicals, since there are many good natural chemicals needed in the garden, these natural chemicals can be easily supplied by working in harmony with nature and not against it.

Why is organic gardening becoming so popular?

I believe it is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, in the last decade or so there have been several negative reports in the press and media etc. On the bad effects that these chemicals can have on our health. But probably most of the increase can be attributed to the negative impact that these man-made chemicals have on our environment and therefore organic gardening has received a boost from the green movement.

Being with the environment, many people are starting to grow their fruit and vegetables in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. It is therefore an obvious choice to become organic especially if they have young children.

There are numerous important differences between organic and non-organic gardening. I suppose the biggest difference is in the philosophy of what is the best way to get a healthy plant, organic gardening says “feed the soil” while non-organic says “feed the plant”. Another big difference is that organic gardening uses natural pest control methods, for example using barriers, complementary plantings and encouraging predatory insects in the garden.

By using complementary sowing and growing a range of different crops throughout the year, you are increasing biodiversity in your garden, which helps improve soil and encourage wildlife in the garden.

One last thought on organic gardening and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, in my personal opinion the taste is far superior to that of the food purchased in the store.

by Simon Egan-Smith

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