Why You Need to Avoid Alcohol Before Getting a Tattoo

Why You Need to Avoid Alcohol Before Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo parlors are not going to serve people who are drunk. They want to ensure that those people are making sensible decisions and choices before they are inked. Not only that, but a person who has been drinking might end up struggling to stay still and in control during an extended tattoo session that could last for hours.

But one other thing to consider about alcohol is that it can make it hard for a patient to be tattooed. It may be difficult for a tattoo to look its best if a person is drunk.

Avoid Alcohol Before Getting a Tattoo

Avoid Alcohol Before Getting a Tattoo
Avoid Alcohol Before Getting a Tattoo

Thinning the Blood

Alcohol will thin a person’s blood. While the thinning is temporary, this is not good for tattoos.

It becomes harder for a tattoo artist to apply a tattoo when a person’s blood is thin. As the blood thins, it becomes easier for it to come out of the puncture spots that a tattooing needle produces. The blood will pool over the skin and make it harder for an artist to see where one should go next. The artist won’t be able to produce the best-looking tattoo one could have. Seeing how elaborate some tattoos are and how they can include many colors, precision is critical.

Wearing the Ink

The client’s blood may also mix with the ink if the blood is thin from alcohol consumption. The blood will dilute the ink, thus keeping the tattoo from looking so vibrant. The artist may not know how well the colors look. The artist might also be unaware of how well the tattoo should look.

The inking effort could be worse if there are lots of colors all around. A person has to watch for how well one might get one’s ink, as the artist has to be cautious. Anyone who avoids alcohol will have an easier time with keeping one’s body from being hurt to where it becomes harder for the ink to go over.

Tough Healing

The timing for a tattooed spot to heal can vary. It can take about two to three weeks on average for the tattooed area to heal. The area may look scaly for a little longer, but it should be fine at this point. The client should be cautious when caring for one’s tattoo at this point.

But a person who gets a tattoo while drunk will not heal as well. It could take months for that person to heal, depending on the size of the tattoo and how inebriated one might become.

The General Rule of Thumb

The best idea is to avoid consuming alcohol at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo. It also helps to avoid alcohol for a few days afterwards, primarily to promote the healing process.

No one should try to get a tattoo after consuming alcohol. The poor judgment one might express can be a threat. But it also helps to note the physical issues surrounding a tattoo, as a tattoo that is not applied well could be hard to manage if one is drunk.

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