Why You Need to Prefer face wash over soap always

Why You Need to Prefer face wash over soap always

face washWe all want to look at our best everyday and everywhere we go despite of our age, sex or circumstances. At wedding functions we try our best to look beautiful and attractive in an attempt to attract others attraction we try our best with heavy make up, jewellery and of course heavy dresses. We often forget that beauty is not on the outer surface rather its deep-rooted inside us. We just need to take care of it.

Our skin calls for a little, but regularly look after. To work upon this formula we should try to spend a few minutes on our face everyday. The  striking look is achieved after some time provided we are regularly cleaning our face with a face wash rather than a soap.

No matter what kind of soap is it. It tends to take away the essential oils from your skin as well as face. One thing you may not be knowing that the soap producing more lather, dry your skin more. Eventually drier skin resulting in adding fine lines and wrinkles. Obviously that is the worst experience of using any kind of face products.

In comparison with soap, face wash is the smart choice to tackle this problem of dryness. Always use an Oriflamme face wash to clean your face. The major reason justifying the use of face wash is that soaps posses a higher pH level than what your skin posses that is the reason when you use a soap it makes your face dry and dehydrated thus giving it dull and dry look. It makes your face skin get pulled out.

Pure SkinNo-to-mention that the pH level contained in the face wash is closer to your skin’s natural pH level. It facilitates in maintaining skin’s natural oil. Needless to say it is gentle on the skin and with its continuous use you will find that your skin became more soft after a period of a time.

There are many kinds of face wash available in the market. One should not buy any which tempts them. In fact read the instructions printed on it and then purchase, according to your age and skin types. The different face washes contain different elements to look after your skin types.

A teenager’s skin is softer and more prone to pimples and acne. The wash, wash prescribed to them should enrich in Aloe Vera which is known for its property of curing pimples and minor skin problems. One of the remarkable qualities of Oriflamme face wash is that it won’t let your skin become dry, rather it leave your skin soft and clean.

With its regular use soon you will get rid of pimples and undoubtedly your skin will start glowing helping you steal the jealous looks from behind the doors. Here are the reviews of a teenager girl who tried the face wash.

Niketa Sharma of Dehra Dun ”I am a 16-year-old teenager and always struggling with the problem of pimples. Despite of using medicinal soap there was no improvement on my skin. Then one day my neighbor suggested me to try this face wash. At first instance, I just refused because I was scared to use anything on my face, but then I thought how will I, come to know about the genuineness of the face wash until and unless I give it a try. Thank God! My decision worked well. Soon I found my pimples started reducing and very soon it disappears and my continuous use has restricted their reappearance as well”

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