Windows 10 Phone variety of features designed to make it immersive

Windows 10 Phone variety of features designed to make it immersive

The Windows 10 phone has made a real splash in the world of mobile devices. But what makes this mobile phone choice special? It is a good option with plenty of features and many phone options to choose from.

Windows 10 phone

The competition in the smartphone industry has been rather cutthroat in recent time. The Android and iOS operating systems have been fighting each other while Blackberry is aiming to adapt to changes in the industry. Microsoft has jumped into the fray with its Windows 10 phones.

Microsoft has introduced a variety of Windows 10 phone models with some of them being made in partnership with Nokia. The Windows 10 phone marks a significant advancement in the field of mobile technology as it entails bringing the popular Windows operating system to the mobile phone world.

But what makes Windows 10 phones so appealing? Better yet, what types of phones in this line work best?

What Makes the OS Special?

The mobile version of Windows 10 is made with a variety of features designed to make it immersive and user-friendly. These features include the following:

Windows 10 phone OS special

  • Continuum allows you to use apps on both your phone and desktop when Windows 10 is used on both of them. You can load a file from your desktop onto your phone as you can transfer your progress between devices seamlessly.
  • The compatibility of apps on the Windows 10 OS is strong between mobile and desktop devices. Many of the programs you download onto your phone can also work on your computer. You will need a proper account to the two together, though.
  • The Cortana personal assistant is a smart feature on the OS that works to take notes, list reminders and much more. It can also find information for you as needed.
  • Many of the popular Microsoft Office apps have their own mobile versions you can use on your phone. You can load up Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint among other things. These also work well with the Continuum feature.
  • The control scheme on this mobile OS is streamlined with added quick action settings and even voice controls. Those controls allow you to let Cortana find things on the phone for you.
  • The Microsoft Edge browser is a popular feature on these phones. Designed as a replacement to the Internet Explorer browser, Edge offers a more streamlined approach to online surfing. It offers an easier interface to work with.
  • Powerful LED screens are featured on many of these models. These create bright displays that don’t require the use of bothersome backlights.

What Phones Can You Find?

There are many Windows 10 phones that you can take a closer look at when finding ways to enjoy this appealing operating system. Still, many of these phones are in the same line.

Windows 10 phone Lumia

The Lumia line was adopted by Microsoft from Nokia as a means of having a setup that may be used for the company’s phones. The phones are designed in many forms:

  • The Lumia 950 is designed with a 5.2-inch Quad HD screen and a 1.8GHz hexacore processor. It also has a 20-megapixel camera with a triple LED flash feature. It uses a USB-C port to help charge up the phone quickly.
  • The Lumia 950 XL has many of the same features but is also a little larger. Lumia 950 XL has a 5.7-inch screen and a 2.0GHz octa-core processor, for instance. It still uses the same USB-C port for quick charging needs. It does have a dual-sim feature for added connectivity.
  • Many smaller phones in the Lumia family are available too. These include the Lumia 650, a phone with a 5-inch screen and p to 16 GB in storage with support for a 200 GB microSD card.
  • The Lumia 550 is designed as a bargain option. It has a 4.7-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera so it is still a great unit with plenty of power added to it.
  • Other phones are designed with multimedia functions in mind. The Lumia Icon is one phone that offers a 20-megapixel camera, four microphones for taking in sound and a 1080p display that projects high-resolution videos amazingly well.

These are only a few of the phones that use the operating system. These all come from the Lumia line, what with Microsoft’s relationship with the people behind that line. The designs on these phones make for some appealing choices that will make a difference to anyone looking to get the most out of their phones.

Lumia Windows 10 phone

The Windows 10 phone certainly marks a real sea change in the world of mobile technology. With this phone, people have an easier time with taking care of a variety of things on their phones while also getting access to various great apps. The real question at this juncture is precisely where the technology will head out to in the future.

Comparison of Windows 10 Phones

Phone Size (inches) Processor Camera (megapixels) RAM (GB)
Lumia 950


1800MHz hexa-core



Lumia 950 XL


2000MHz octa-core



Lumia 650


1300MHz quad-core



Lumia 550


1100MHz quad-core



Lumia Icon


2200MHz quad-core



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