Winter hair care tips for common!

Winter hair care tips for common!

hair care tips
hair care tips

A woman’s beauty is judged by the length of her hair. The woman who posse’s lengthy hair is regarded as the most beautiful lady, as hair plays a vital role in enhancing her beauty and making her look more attractive. Winter season, which brings so many problems with it, even give rise to many hair problems.


They are generally not serious but can somehow be avoided by following this array of advices. To start with

Don’t wash your hair daily.

There is a protective oil present in hair. By daily washing hair, this oil is washed off. Curb down hair washing to 3-4 times a week. At first you may feel oily, but very soon the scalp will adjust to it. You may use dry shampoo to wash them. Wash your hair with cold water, but in winters use slightly warm water.


Dry hair carefully.

After washing your hair, wrap them in a towel and slightly rub your hair. Remember, no harsh rubbing otherwise the roots of the hair will weaken. Avoid using the dryer for drying the hair. Let them dry naturally.


Avoid chemicals.

All those shampoos, styling gels and conditioner contains chemicals in excessive amount. It may look your hair beautiful for a short time, but harms in the long run. Use those shampoos which do not contain sulphate. Do not colour your hair over and again. Pressing and ironing is also harmful for them. Curtail their use to a minimum.


Eat healthy food.

The food which we eat directly affects our hair. The most nutritious food you eat the healthier your hair will be. Lack of healthy food will result in dry hair and its luminosity will be lost. To name few, green vegetables, coconut, fish, almond are good eatables for your hair. Eat fruits enriched with vitamin B. Protein is a vital part of your hair. Eat protein rich fruits and vegetables.


Drink excessive water.

Water plays an important role in hydrating your body. Body health very much effect the growth and lustre of hair. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Stay away from those drinks, which dehydrate you. Often people drink less water in winters. We should drink water in winters not only to clear our bowl, but to keep us hydrated as well.


Oil massage.

The importance of oil massage cannot be ignored. It gives strength and length to the hair. Massage your hair with nourishing hair oil and leave it for one hour. Then wash them with a shampoo. To get the maximum benefit from the oil massage, treat it with hot towel therapy. One has to wrap the hair with the towel rinsed in hot water.

hair care tips picture
hair care tips picture

Dip the towel in hot water, then squeeze the extra water. Wrap your hair in this towel for a few seconds and then again repeat it. 3- times is enough. This will help in penetrating the goodness of oil into the scalp. Repeat this towel treatment once in 15 days. Twice or thrice 10 minute oil massage will help with blood circulation and hence increasing the length of hair.

The Secret to Hair Care Tips for Women

Hair Care Tips : Give long lasting luminous to hair!

Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

Comb your hair with the comb which has broad teeth. Never comb wet hair. Let them dry naturally before combing. Don’t use anybody’s towel and comb. It may lead to the problem of dandruff and other skin problem. Always use good company’s shampoo and conditioner. The Conditioner will leave your hair looking luminous and soft.

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