Women health problems that need special attention.

Women health Problems that need special attention.

women health
women health

There are many lifestyle diseases which women of today are struggling to come out of it. Women tend to put on weight as they are not able to carry on with their regular workouts. Their irregular eating habits and lack of workout results in gaining weight, which is more than as mentioned in Body Mass Index.

To live a healthy life all females should strictly control their weight. By adopting a healthy life routine, they may control many health problems. When the waist line goes beyond 36 inches, it is awakening call to start thinking seriously about health. This expanded circle will lead to many heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

The heart is the most vital part of our body and continuously works 24*7. When the person is declared brain dead, then to his heart is working. For its proper functioning it needs regular blood supply which will help in supplying oxygen to other body parts.

women health
women health

[highlight]Smoking, High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity[/highlight] are some of risk developing factors which give rise to heart diseases. In order to avoid these problems we should control our blood pressure. Usually 120/80 is what regarded as a perfect blood pressure .When it rises to 140/90 or above, it’s said to be the first stage of hypertension. It’s quite possible to treat it at home by simply following these tips.

Lose weight. Though there are many reasons which give rise to high blood pressure. The most common is the obesity. Fat people suffer this problem as the weight gain results in increasing the blood pressure. Losing a few pounds can help in the reduction of blood pressure. Make sure that the waistline should not go beyond 35 inches.

With daily workouts. Daily physical exercise 0f 30-60 minutes can help in lowering the BP. The sign of lowering the high BP is soon visible as soon as you start exercising. If you are in the pre hypertension stage then you will soon come down to the normal BP with daily exercise.

Healthy diet. Another advice which a woman can look out is by eating a healthy diet. She should have a diet enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat and drink low-fat diary products DASH (Dietary approach to stop hypertension) guides you with all the food products which will help you stay away from hypertension.

Reduce sodium intake. A slight decrease in sodium intake will help in reducing BP by 2-8 mm Hg. In addition, add less salt to your food. It should not exceed 1500 mg or even less. For this woman can track their salt intake by keeping a watch on the food they eat and by monitoring their sodium intake.

 Don’t forget to read the sodium level in the packed food or the beverages which you are eating or drinking. Some foods like bacon, processed meat and potato chips are some of the eatables which contain more sodium.

Alcohol it is another factor which gives rise to hypertension. If taken in smaller quantity, it may help in reducing your blood pressure, but more than a single drink will definitely harm your health. Reduce caffeine intake. To measure if the caffeine is increasing your blood pressure then measures your blood pressure within 30 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

Stress. Stress is also a BP booster. So women should avoid stress and look at the happier aspect of the life. Meditation and regular exercise will very much help them in reducing their blood pressure

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