This Word Prediction Software Can Streamline Your Workflow and Boost Productivity

Time is of the essence when you are an entrepreneur. With deals to close, projects to speed up, marketing materials to approve, and more, every keystroke is valuable. So, if you are spending an absurd amount of typing the same message over and over again every day, then there is a better way to recapture those lost minutes. Lite key Pro Text Prediction Software is the world’s leading word prediction software for Windows.

Lightkey’s AI-powered system learns your typing patterns and slowly predicts up to 12 words in 85 languages ​​including punctuation in the future. Over time, it will become smarter and smarter, allowing you to compose emails faster with confidence. It also includes more than 60 content domains including technology, business, finance, law, education, and to better predict what you are trying to say in your messages and documents. With its deep learning context analysis capabilities, Lightkey will provide you with the most relevant words based on what you are writing.

Litekey basically supports Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Google Chrome apps, so it seamlessly integrates into your workflow. In addition to predicting your writing, it also provides real-time suggestions for any misspelled words you may have, and provides an intuitive dashboard to help you unlock your key productivity matrix Is, and allows you to improve your productivity over time. Zapier writes, “Type less with this fast and accurate predictive text app.”

Save time and increase your productivity with Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software. A lifetime membership is typically $ 169, but you can sign up for 52 percent today at just $ 79.99.

Price subject to change.

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