Workforce360 : Reincarnating HR – Game Changers For 2015

Workforce360 : Reincarnating HR – Game Changers For 2015

Randstad is the Dutch Multinational Human Re firm that has its headquartered in Netherlands. Randstad is also considered as the second largest HR service provider in the world and it was founded by Frits Goldschmeding in 1960 so currently the company is operating in more than 40 countries. Randstad employs more than 29,320 staffs in 4,496 branches. They also give the best knowledge about the workforce health to motivate the employees. The staffs provide the perfect personnel requirements flexible for the clients that include the selection processes, outplacement, HR consultancy and the career support.

Ranstad Workforce360


It is time to learn more and work hard for making a bright future. Randstad conducted the Workforce360 HR Summit on February 15th 2015 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai and it was the wonderful opportunity for the cross-industry HR. Addressing the key questions related to HR issues discussed in the debate. The main theme of this HR summit is “Reincarnating HR – Game changers for 2015”. The summit was very useful for understanding all the concepts about the cross industry leaders for gaining more knowledge about the latest trends in the Business demographic change.

The HR will also have many questions in their mind for choosing the employees for the industrial sectors and it will be efficient for getting additional knowledge here. This Workforce360 HR summit made efficient and bright future plan so the Business Leaders, HR Directors, HR Heads, HR Managers, Talent Acquisition, Heads Talent Managers and many more can get benefits through that summit. The insight about the employees thought about the business, economy and the jobs in the country will also be debated in the WF360.

The leadership research also focused on the women’s awareness attitudes relating to workforce. The Employer branding is analyzed with the participant for choosing the active and the passive candidates. This will also helpful for maintaining a strong building for the business development so that it will improve the business growth. The Workforce 360 summit also conducts the debut on the employee’s attitudes about the current economy, Job security, Job market, employers and their ability for finding the new job.


11th Event:

The 11th event called “Reincarnating HR – Game changers for 2015″ held in Chennai has it themes for increasing the knowledge about the organizational and economic backdrop. Most of the HR threats and trends are about to be discussed and the hygienic issues faced by the HR teams are also be debated.

The knowledgeable speakers across the country from various fields will also provide exclusive tip for the qualified HR developments. Some of the speakers like Mr. Balachander, senior vice president group HR at Ashok Leyland and he has 20 years of experience in outstanding professional HR. Along with him Mr. Gopal Singaraju, Mr. Kapilan Jayathungan and many more participating in the “Reincarnating HR – Game changers for 2015”.

The Discussion:

The HR experts in the Workforce360 summit give a motivational speech and they give the panel discussion on the HR and non HR res. Mr. Balachander says that we are living in the business era and we have to gear up for our next solution with the innovative growth. The HR leaders will also give you ideas about the cultural and change transformation for the betterment of the strategic functions.

The interactive session also debates on the talent management plan, recruiting staffing and technology models. The organizational and economic backdrop over the past few years are also dealt in the program by the HR. The talent acquisition debate by the HR leaders will definitely change all the growth of the business or organization as they give tips for handling customers in the efficient manner.

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