Workplace workouts for ladies!

Women dealing with both the household and office front feel exhausted at the end of the day. In spite of their wish to take out some personal time, they are not able to steal that quality time for themselves. The worst impact is what her health pays off in terms of attracting all those health problems which otherwise could be avoided.

Workplace workouts

Simple workouts

If you are dedicated to your health regime, then steal a few minutes to do these easy and simple workouts which will not only help you shed those extra calories but will also keep you fit. It will not only benefit you but your boss will much happier as your sick leave will reduce to 25%.

keep yourself active and healthy

Doesn’t matter either you are on your chair whole day long or on your feet or behind the desk. What you have to do is follow these mini workouts to keep yourself active and healthy. Make it a point to walk for a few minutes after every hour. If you have to give any file to your colleagues make sure you don’t send it rather walk down to your colleague.

sittingMost of the hairstylist, salesperson and on the counter job they are standing most of the time while on duty. You can catch those leg lifts whenever you get time. Lift your left leg for a few seconds and then switch it to the other leg. You may go for a wall sit. For which you stand up against the wall and slide down halfway in the position as if you are sitting on a chair. Stay there for 15-30 seconds and straight again.  This will well help in toning the leg muscles and no wonder your back say thanks to you.

Desk chair as a fitness tool

If your work is on the desk, most of the time is consumed in attending the call, in front of computer replying to mails and surfing website then you can use your desk chair as a fitness tool. You don’t have to rush to the Gym. Hold the two corners of the table and bend down as if the weight of the body rests on your feet. Stand up again and repeat this 10 times. Take a break for 5-10 seconds, then again repeat it. Follow three such sets.

If you are nailed to a chair, then try these workouts. Start with your feet. Feet are that neglected part of our body which makes us move besides carrying the body weight. Start pampering them with small exercises while sitting and working on your office chair. Fix your heel onto the floor and lift the toes to the maximum height towards your body. Stay there for a few seconds, then move them downwards, resting on the floor. Repeat it 8-10 times.

Working ladies

Another important part of the body, on which the stamina of working ladies lies, is her legs. To give rest to your legs lift your both legs straight to the core level, parallel to the floor. Stay in position for 8-10 seconds and bring them down onto the floor but make sure it doesn’t touch the ground. Repeat it for 10 times.

To tone up your arms do this workout. Hold a paper weight or your water bottle facing the ground. Lift your hand till your shoulder, hold for 15-20 seconds and then back again. Follow this workout for 20 times and then do it with the other arm. Make sure that the arm sticks to the body till the elbow in the whole process of workout.

You shoulders tend to get tired with whole day working in the office. To give them rest, lift both your arms upwards to the sky. Then bring your left hand on the back of your neck and bring back your right arm from the right side and try to touch the left hand. This will help relieve your shoulders and relax your back and neck.

These are small workouts which all ladies should follow to catch-up with their fitness and health miss outs.

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