World Coronavirus Dispatch: The stay-at-home economy is here to stay

Expert says first US vaccination in mid-December

The Trump administration’s vaccine program adviser said pending regulatory approval, previously Americans could be vaccinated outside of clinical trials by mid-December. As the head of Operation Tana pace, he predicted that life in the US could be normal around May of 2021 as vaccination is scheduled to begin. The note of optimism also came as millions of Americans were expected to travel for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday this week, and many appeared to ignore health officials’ warnings about advancing the spread of infectious disease. The United States surpassed 12 million Kovid-19 cases. Read more ….

Let’s look at the global data

Global Transition: 58,666,247

Change to tomorrow: 522,048

Global deaths: 1,388,272

Nations with the most cases: US (12,247,486), India (9,139,865), Brazil (6,071,401), France (2,191,180), Russia (2,071,858)

: John Hopkins University Research Center

UK Kovid begins trial for cocktail drug treatment

The UK is set to begin testing for an antibody cocktail that is expected to give immediate protection against Kovid-19 to the vulnerable in the event of a major outbreak. Stretching in the muscles of the arm directly affects and can last from six months to a year. The drug will function almost like passive immunization. The antibody drug is made by AstraZeneca, the same pharmaceutical company that has partnered with Oxford University to develop a vaccine. read on…

European nations plan lockdown carefully

The haste of lockdown during the first wave led to the second wave and the European Union countries learned to be careful with the third wave. Therefore, policymakers are staying away from the blanket comfort, but are set to reduce some of them for Christmas. The results of the lockdown, implemented at the end of October across Europe, have begun to emerge, leading to new infections being reported in most countries. The UK, France and Ireland are among the countries where the lockdown ends in early December. Read more …

South Korea restricts restaurant hours, celebrations

South Korea is taking drastic social reform measures, including limiting restaurant hours and social gatherings, as the surge in coronovirus cases threatens to curtail earlier efforts to stem the epidemic. South Korea was positioned as a model for the management of a virus that has spread without discontinuing or imposing Drakean measures, after reducing two previous severe outbreaks in February and August. A health official said that the country is currently bearing the third wave of infection. read on..

Nasal spray found in Australia that could fight Kovid

A nasal spray with the ability to fight Kovid-19 and other respiratory viral infections will be tested in hopes of being manufactured in Australia. The nasal treatment, developed by the Australian biotech company, targets the primary site of most respiratory infections, including Kovid, and activates immune defense mechanisms in the respiratory tract. The technique can help fight coronaviruses and other infections such as influenza and the common cold. Read more …


How did Modern and Pfizer advance in the vaccine race?

Modern and Pfizer’s success showed that in an era of polarized politics, science was able to break down barriers between government, countries and industry near the finish line in a remarkable vaccine race. The play had not only commercial rivalries and scientific challenges, but an ambitious plan to put the federal government in the midst of the effort, and most of all, the often toxic political environment created by Trump. While Pfizer decided to keep the arms length from the government, Moderna embraced the government’s support and yet both companies achieved an incredible feat in their own way. read on…

Life of office security in an epidemic

This is a time of stress for everyone, especially for security staff. Some visitors become aggressive, they have to manage them with sympathy. On top of this, there is a risk of infection, especially from those who do not follow safety regulations, such as masks. During the first months of the epidemic, official figures show that the death rate of male security officers was 74 per covid — 19 per 100,000 — three times that of the average male, and seven times that of the average British woman. The epidemic has helped to reveal their importance. A security officer will most likely greet you upon arrival and leave. Give them, at least, a smile. Read more …

Home economy is not going away

Technology has helped make life in the epidemic tolerable. And whenever it becomes normal again to leave home for work, school and shopping, we will not go back that way. What was the suitability before the epidemic now seems to require that we are not giving up even after having widespread immunity to the coronary virus. And there are many reasons that this new-dwelling domestic economy will likely be an important part of the new normal. read on…

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