World Cup Daily: Celtic star Maeda set for Germany challenge in Group E

World Cup Daily: The tournament that begins on Thursday will be one for the history books. While many teams are still jockeying for position, four great European sides have already booked their spots in Saturday’s final match-ups and it is set to get underway with Croatia taking on Morocco at 10am followed closely by Germany vs Japan stereo attest reappearing after six years apart facing off yet another challenge from Diego Maradona’s side hoping they can avoid becoming victims yet again when looking upon what could potentially happen should things fall into place just right between these two star crossed lovers.

Japan star set for Germany test
Japan star set for Germany test – Maeda: Celtic’s Japan star set for Germany test.

The Croation side has a tough match against Spain and Germany later on Wednesday. To get off to an early lead, their top scorer Admir Mehmedi will be looking forward assist his teammates with some creativity playing behind striker Mandzic who scored last night’s goal during group play at CopaAmerica 2017!

Hearts right-back Nathanial Atkinson admitted that playing against Kyllian Mbappe was like trying to bottle lightning as the Champions League winners powered into a 4 -1 lead over Socceroos.

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