You Won’t Need Caffeine Anymore To Stay Energetic

You Won’t Need Caffeine Anymore To Stay Energetic

Caffeine Anymore: Caffeine can be difficult for the body to handle and may not always give you enough energy to begin with. There are plenty of great tips that you can use in order to keep yourself from being addicted to caffeine and struggling to keep energetic.

Caffeine sounds like a good thing to have for your body if you want to stay energetic but the truth is that it can be rather dangerous if not managed properly. Caffeine can cause a number of side effects like restlessness, an upset stomach and even headaches in some instances.

The effects of caffeine may not work well all day long either. You might crash later in the day as all that energy that you get from caffeine wears out.


Allow For a Massage

A good massage can be enjoyable when you are trying to stay active and alert. A massage will provide you with energy from nerve stimulation. This allows energy and blood to flow around the body. This is kind of like acupuncture but it does more than just make you feel better.

The key point is that your body will stay focused. The energy that is released will be healthier and easier for you to handle. This, in turn, will provide you with a more confident feeling that is easy to manage.

Do make sure you keep the massages that you take in from being too stressful. You can always massage your shoulders, calves or other parts of your body. But it is especially important to avoid being too hard. These tough movements might be hard to handle if you aren’t careful enough when getting yourself to feel active and ready.

Gum Energizes the Body

Chewing a piece of gum can actually do more for you than you might think. Chewing gum can cause your heart rate to increase. This, in turn, gets blood to flow to the brain properly. This makes the body more alert and ready to do anything.

It is especially a good idea to stick with a mint flavor. Mint can stimulate nerve fibers to make it easier to activate as the body becomes refreshed. This, in turn, allows the body to feel active and alert so it won’t be hard for your body to stay focused. This should be done carefully to give yourself a positive feeling.

Consider the Light

It’s easier for you to be energetic and alert if you have enough light where you are. Specifically, you need light to give yourself a chance to stay alert for as long as possible.

More importantly, you need to stick with only the best kind of light. Try and use blue light when staying alert. Blue light is effective in that it triggers your brain into being calm. It offers enough brightness without causing you to feel irritated. In addition, it is less likely to cause your eyes to wear out, thus keeping you energetic for a little longer.

You especially have to avoid red or yellow light. These lights may cause you to feel irritable or fatigued.

Eat More Whole Grains

A healthy diet can provide you with enough energy to the point where you don’t need caffeine in order to stay alert. A healthy diet that features whole grains can be effective as they contain more fiber that can help you to keep your body alert and ready for anything.

You have to stick with less than five servings of whole grains in a day if you want to stay active though. Although whole grains can indeed help you out with staying active, they can also cause you to feel drowsy over time. This is due to how they can help with getting the brain to release serotonin. This chemical is what promotes sleep. It helps regulate the body’s natural flow of energy if managed carefully.

Stay Active By Doing Things You Love

It helps to stay a little more active in the daytime by giving yourself the opportunity to do things that you might love to do on your own. By working with different things that you can do on your own, you will find it easy for you to keep your body active and healthy. The best part is that by staying active, you will keep yourself from being easily bored.

This helps to keep oxidative stress from being a real threat to your body as well. Oxidative stress is a problem where you will suffer from serious pressure in the body from free radicals or oxygen particles that can stick in your body. By staying active, you can eliminate those free radicals.

The things that you can do can include the following:

  • You can exercise early on in the morning. Early exercise helps you to stay alert and ready for whatever may come about in the day.
  • You can also take care of yard-work in your garden. A little bit of garden work can help you stay focused and ready for the day as you concentrate heavily on what you can do with your garden.
  • It helps to read a newspaper or other thing in the morning to help you get your brain to be stimulated and energetic as you concentrate on whatever it is you want to read. As you read something, you can keep yourself active and ready for anything.

These ideas can help you to stay active and comfortable. These will allow your brain to have enough time to stay active and get ready for whatever can come about. This in turn keeps you from struggling from a mental perspective.

Remember that caffeine does not have to be a real necessity when you are trying to stay active and alert. By using the pointers listed here, you can get the energy that you require without being at risk of feeling sluggish or worn out.


Energy Tip Idea for Use Overall Result Best Time For Use
Whole grains Replace refined grains with whole grains in your diet Keeps the body active Works best in the morning
Use the right light Keep blue light on hand Encourages stimulation in the brain Works at any time of day
Chewing gum Stick with a sugar-free option if possible Stimulates the brain and improves blood flow for a short period of time While busy with a project or other task
Enjoying exercise Helps you to keep your body alert Improves your fitness and your routines Works best in the morning


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