Your Ultimate Guide to Post Pregnancy Self-Care

Your Ultimate Guide to Post Pregnancy Self-Care

post pregnancyPost Pregnancy First of all, congratulations for giving birth to a new life! Your life will never be the same again- bitter but true it is! While being a mom is a wonderful experience, there are a lot of drawbacks that it brings along with the post-partum period. But the good news is that you always have your actions in control even if you don’t have your hormones into your clutches.  Just a bit of care and you will have your life on track!

Overcoming the Loss:

During the labor, you have put yourself into too much stress and it’s time to recover all the lost essentials. Take proper rest for at least 6 weeks and eat carefully. You need a lot of iron, protein and fat as well. Do NOT shy away from eating for the fear of fat gain because the only kind of fat that is not good for you now is the fat from junk foods.

Get Back to Shape:

Wait till at least 6 months to start exercising (or as guided by your gyno). You cannot get your flat belly back just after a few days of delivery. It takes time and patience. Balance your diet and exercise. Include a lot of fiber and brown carbs in your meals. Pilates, aerobics and yoga are good options to give your workout a goodstart post-pregnancy. You need a lot of energy to survive through sleepless nights and hectic days. A bit of workout will keep you energized also helping your mind and body balance be on track.

Find Some Time for Self:

post pregnancy

A happy mom is a stress-free mom and you cannot be stress-free if you keep revolving around your mommy-rut. Find some time for yourself and that’s the key to being a happy, sweet and caring mom. Be it only 10 minutes a day, do something that keeps you away from your baby-sitting routine.  You can read, jog, listen to music, dance, watch your favorite show, visit the beauty parlor, meet your friends and talk about everything except kids. Don’t let yourself get so indulged in being a mommy that you forget about your own identity.

Reignite the flame in your Relationship:

Most moms are so busy with their newly born that they forget about giving time to their relationship. Remember that the back bone to your mommy-life is your relationship with your spouse. Find time for each other. Fix a date, a proper romantic date-often! Get all decked up and go out. There’s nothing like sharing your happiness (or stress for that matter) with your spouse.

Indulge in wardrobe overhaul:

This is the best time to do this because none of your old clothes fit you now! Be clever in dressing up in a way that hides your baby bulge (sans baby)and yet makes you look sexy. (How about a straight fit black top with black leggings and some funky colorful accessories?). Stay away from form fitting clothes for a few more months and invest in accessories like scarves and statement necklaces. Do not forget to get breast pads or breast shell because you don’t want to smear your clothes with your breast milk. (You get a lot of them at Nykaa Online Store.)Draw attention to your face and wear smoky makeup to give yourself some makeover.


No matter how much you work, there will always be something left to do. So, it’s better to not strive to do everything. Relax and give your body the rest it needs. When everybody knows sleeping is not something anybody can advise a new mom because it’s no more under your control to get adequate sleep, there are still ways you can relax your body. Pamper your body with massage (your spouse might want to do that for you, *wink*!) or spa. Sit in your beauty salon and get a nice head massage and steam. Top it with facial, manicure and pedicure.

Give your skin the care it deserves…

skin care…because your skin suffers a lot during the hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy and delivery.Fix your beauty regime. Even if you have no time, you can find a small fraction of the day to give your skin the attention it needs the most. Cleanse and moisturize- mantras you must live by for your skin. Invest in some good stretch mark removal cream if you feel the need and also do give bio oil a try. Explore a lot of options for firming body lotions from Mother Care products by Nykaa.

While it is important to give due care to your baby, it is more important to give yourself the care you need because after all, you are the one who gave birth to that precious little life and you are the one who will take care of your angel!

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